Where's Larry Been?

  • 12/10/17 Bangor, ME at Congregation Beth El
  • 12/07/17 Boston, Massachusetts at URJ Biennial
  • 12/06/17 Boston, Massachusetts at URJ Biennial

NewCAJE Was a Blast!

It was an honor to be featured on the opening night of the NewCAJE Conference. During the Songwriter/Storyteller show on the second night, I shared my new songs, “Genesis and Exodus,” and “Morning Blessings.” Thanks to NewCAJE attendees for such an enthusiastic reception.

Dave Bell, master engineer

My new album sounds great, thanks to the masterful engineering skills of Dave Bell of Bellboy Recording in Richmond, CA. Dave has exquisite taste and sensitivity. He was also the long-time lead guitarist for Dan Hicks and His Hot Licks!

Joe Craven playing on my new album

It has been incredible working with the amazing Joe Craven, a former member of the Garcia/Grisman Band from 1991-1994 and a member of The David Grisman Quintet from 1989-2004. Joe plays exquisite fiddle and mandolin, but is also a raucously funny percussionist.